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11813 Lincoln Road

The journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step.


Given my affinity for Chinese Ringneck pheasants I should perhaps be a little more familiar with Eastern philosophy. Oh well. I like their birds well-enough. That’ll have to do for now. We’re busy training dogs!

But the quote above describes well the journey begun some 23 years ago when I hired out as a pooper  scooper and aspiring  (perspiring?) dog trainer. That was indeed a fateful first step. Many steps later we leased some ground for training, got us a website, and went into the dog business full speed ahead.  This month, we closed on 160 acres of that same rolling pheasant and sharptail country outside Bismarck. It was a very significant step for myself, my family, and for the future of Absolute Gundogs. 

The ground itself is a mix of native prairie grasses, much of it in CRP the last decade, as well as more typical pasture. A small coulee runs through it with water in the bottom and Chokecherry, plum, wild rose, and buck brush along the edges.  We plan to back some of this water up to form a nice pond for water-work and maybe a little fishing in the summer(Daniel’s request). Besides being home to a healthy population of upland birds, White-tail deer, and the occasional passing coyote, the land will be the site of the Absolute kennel and lodge. 

The kennel will be state of the art, with indoor heating and cooling, spacious indoor/outdoor kennel runs, an engineered septic system, and generous fenced common areas for exercise and socialization.  The plans call for 40 runs with plenty of room for cold weather training and expansion. 

The lodge won’t be anything super-fancy. We are talking comfortable and cozy; four to six bedrooms; with a large modern kitchen, dining, and entertainment areas. Plans are to break ground on the kennel as soon as the snow melts. The lodge will likely come in spring of 2013. 

We are proud and excited both.  Jennifer and I want to thank everyone who has previously purchased a puppy or entrusted us with their dogs for training.  As well, we are grateful for the friendship and support that seem to naturally follow. Without your investment of trust and support we could in no way be taking this next important step on what is turning out to be quite a journey.  Positively, Absolutely, thanks to all.

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  1. Rick Walker says:

    Both Debbie and myself want like to send our best wishes to you and your family for making this next important step. You are an asset in the spaniel game in all aspects.It was pleasure getting to know you a few years ago and witnessing your talents in training and handling of these wonderful dogs. Good Luck and all the best!
    Rick & Deb Walker

  2. Trigg says:

    Can Congratulation to you and your family. Quite an accomplishment and I hope you really enjoy it.

    It is minus 3 and dropping overnight here in Anchorage. In door training facilities sound like just the thing in those conditions.

    I will look forward to seeing you and the new facilities.

    Trigg Hannah and Buster

  3. Russ Pool says:

    Congratulations to the Murray clan on their next big adventure. May the Lord grant you all your wishes and prosper you in each and every way. I look forward to sharing a Mountain Dew with you all while cleaning pheasants near the fire in the new lodge. Dan, you are one of the hardest working guys I know and with your philosophy about training dogs I know whenever I send Strider to you, he is in good hands. Thanks for everything. Russ

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