Dan training hunting dog

Training Rates

Training fee for obedience and field training is currently $750.00 per month + expenses (birds, Frontline, Heart Guard, specialty food, groomings, vet fees, and baths – everybody at Absolute gets a bath once a month, even the gun dog trainer.  Daily or weekly training fees is $40/day + expenses.

Though we only breed and raise British Labs, English Springer Spaniels, and English Cocker Spaniels, we have trained most every breed of dog – from poodle to shepherds. We prefer a field dog to start gun dog training at 6-9 months. Six months of age may be too soon for a great deal of obedience training if the dog is ‘soft’ or immature. Too much pressure too soon can negatively affect the way the dog reacts later in the training process. But an introduction to the lead, hup, and heel can and should be done regardless. This, coupled with group runs and giving the dog a chance to learn and develop it’s natural hunting instincts is very crucial and beneficial in the first year, having a positive affect on the maturing process. It’s a great time to really develop and mold natural abilities, and with those, the dog’s confidence.

Field Trial training is the same price as all other training with the addition of some travel expenses.

For more information about training programs, gun dog training, prices, and options, feel free to contact us via phone or email, or come find me at the next Cocker or Springer field trial.

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