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Our Bismarck Boarding Kennel & Doggie Daycare

Not only does Absolute Gun Dogs offer superior dog training and spaniel breeding, but  is now offering Bismarck, ND  area residents and their furry canine companions the Absolute ultimate in overnight dog boarding and doggie-Daycare.  From Afgans to Yorkshire Terriors almost all dogs and their owners are welcome. We are currently not accepting Pit Bulls, Staffordshire Terriers, some American Bull Dogs, and any dog that is aggressive toward staff or other animals.  Here are some of the key features of the Absolute Boarding Kennel.

  • Family-owned and operated: with a proactive, hands-on approach to ensuring quality
  • Radiant-heated floors: No exposure to cold concrete. Warm and toasty all winter long.
  • Spray-foam insulation: For climate-controlled comfort winter or summer. Insulation also deadens sound, significantly reducing noise levels-for less stress on new arrivals.
  • Three kennels sizes: 4×8, 4×10, and 5×10. We have a good fit for every size companion.
  • Kuranda beds Raised off floor. Healthy, easy-to-clean, comfortable, and chew-proof. Available for purchase at the kennel.
  • Air Conditioning. Two HD units, for those ‘ dog days’ of summer. Inside temperatures will remain in the 70’s on even hottest North Dakota days.
  • Two HD air exchangers: For continuous fresh air flow-eliminates stagnant, dog-smelly air while reducing humidity. Your pet will benefit, and smell better too.
  • Windows: For natural light and sufficient air-flow when temps are moderate.
  • 4-16×35 all-weather outdoor exercise pens with shade roofs. Stainless steel dog dishes and water buckets: Chew-proof; cleaned and sanitized daily.

Boarding Fees:  As of August 1, 2016

**Multiple dog discounts apply only to dogs living in the same household.**


1 dog $30/Night

2 dogs $50/Night

3 dogs $65/Night

4 dogs $75/Night


Check-out time is 1:00 pm.  If you’re picking up after 1:00 pm, there will be a $15.00 charge added for the additional time spent working with your pet.  A description of the daily routine is outlined below. ”8-5 at Absolute” $25/day “Doggie Daycare” Bring your pet to spend the day going through the daily routine and take him or her home, a more settled and relaxed living companion.  This is our effective alternative to so-called Doggie Daycare programs where the dog are free to roam all day with other dogs, with little or no interaction with people, or structure.  I like to think of these programs in terms our children going to a school that offered no structure. To book your pet’s stay: call 701-355-1160 or email myself or Jennifer at, danmurray@absolutegundogs.com

Our Working Philosophy

A business is only as good as it’s weakest link.  At Absolute Boarding Kennels we’ve taken pains and made the investment to cover ALL of your dog’s needs and wants, as well as those of their owners. Dogs need the basics; fresh water, fresh food, a comfortable bed to sleep on and relax on.  Most importantly they need a safe and sanitary living space, particularly when their are new dogs coming and going on a daily basis. Beyond these basics dogs should receive some mental stimulation, some human contact, some exposure to other dogs, and some freedom to relax and be themselves by themselves, with a minimum of stress in the process. I’ve had experience with all types of kennels; independently-owned and operated private kennels and a number of commercial facilities-some individually owned and some owned by syndicates. In my experience an independently-owned commercial dog boarding kennel is more structured in routines, and tend to be cleaner.   As is the case in most business, when it’s privately owned, and someone is putting their name on the product or service, it’s usually better. That’s the way it is at Absolute Boarding Kennels. The kennel is an extension of who I am and what I believe about dogs, and our employees share the same philosophy, plain and simple. So here’s what we have to offer. A family owned and operated business, with a hands-on approach to ensuring quality-both for training clients and for boarding clients. We have lots of shovels and mops at the kennel, and when it comes to cleaning, our policy is this, “If you see a turd or a puddle in a kennel, clean it up.’’.

Now to what Fido deserves:

Though we have the floors cool in the summer and warm in the winter, as mentioned above, each kennel is fitted with a Kuranda bed. We like the kuranda bed because a neighbor can’t pull it under the chain link and chew it up. Nor can it turn into a pee sponge if the dog does decide to potty in the kennel. The dogs love ‘em. Playtime at ABK We have 4 16×35 exercise pens that each well mannered dog will have the opportunity to spend part of the day relaxing or digging, or playing in the kiddy pool(weather permitting). The exercise pens are ½ concrete and ½ gravel, as we found that some dogs prefer prefer the gravel. The concrete ribbon and fence forming the perimeter of the pens are buried 12″. We did this so that the dogs wouldn’t end up digging out. But digging to a dog is like a favorite hobby to a human. It relaxes them by burning off excess energy while satisfying the impulse to hunt. So if the dogs want to dig, our attitude is, “Go ahead, be a dog and dig.” As for socialization, no dogs will be allowed to spend the entire day in the exercise pens, as we believe too much time with a pack of dogs and no human interaction is not a good thing. One-on-one Interaction with Your Pet Absolute Gundogs has been until now, first and foremost a gun dog and obedience training business. This gives us a slightly different perspective than some who might just run a boarding kennel. We understand the importance of one-on-one contact between dogs and people, even if it is just simple play-or a short walk. Dogs need this interaction with humans to remain in a good emotional state. ABK has two-full time employees whose sole purpose while on our clock is to see to your dog’s physical and emotional needs. We also have one full-and-a-half time employee (me) working on this. Together we see that each dog gets quality one-on-one time with people, in the form of perhaps two ten minutes walks or, if preferred, a walk and a retrieving session. We have found this interaction outside the confines of the kennel especially important for house dogs who often will not potty in a kennel situation until day two or three, or only after getting sickly from holding their movement too long. In every case we’ll see that your dog’s day is a series of events or processes-that break up the day. We don’t believe there is much of benefit to a dog spending too much time doing any one thing-for example, lying around on his bed, or spending the entire day reinforcing his or her dominance or submissiveness towards other dogs. Small doses of this kind of socialization is definitely good. Too much is counter-productive to the canine-human relationship.

The Absolute Guarantee

At Absolute Boarding Kennel your dog’s time will be spent relaxing on their comfy Kuranda bed, with fresh water, a full belly, an eased mind, and an exercised body, in clean, comfortable surroundings. The Absolute Boarding Kennel experience; True, Whole, and Complete

Kennel phone number:  701-355-1160

Hours:Mon-Sat 8am-5pm Sunday 12pm-6pm


***We will not be allowing pick up/drop off on   NEW YEARS DAY, EASTER, MEMORIAL DAY,  JULY 4TH, LABOR DAY,  THANKSGIVING and CHRISTMAS DAY. We will still  be at the kennel to take care of your pets, but it will enable  us to schedule workers and to make holiday plans with our families. ***

Welcome! Dan, Jen, Justin, Paige and Daniel Murray

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