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Started English Springer Spaniel for sale

DOB  5/12/13

Sire: FC MiaBo’s Foxtrot Tango Charlie
Dam: Pine Shadows CS Montana
(NFC FC AFC Eagle Brae’s Good Sport X  AFC Denalisunflos Coffey II)

Brydge is a gorgeous black and white 16 month old female, English Springer Spaniel.  She is super sweet and loveable and will make a wonderful family companion, as well as a great hunting dog.   She is nicely proportioned and marked weighing approximately 36 pounds.  She has had both, obedience and field training.  She is far from perfect but has the necessary foundation necessary to become great.

Brydge quarters nicely, has a great nose, and lots of natural ability.  She is ”place” steady to released birds and bumpers, has been shot over, and will fetch anything you throw for as long as your willing to throw it.  It doesn’t matter if your throwing it in the grass or in the water, she’ll go get it.

Brydge is house trained and lives in the house with other dogs.  She is a happy, friendly, confident, and well socialized pup with people, kids, and other dogs.  She’s ready to move in now, and start hunting this fall.  This is a great young female who will be a great companion and provide many years of memories as a beloved pet and great hunting dog.

Price:  $4000, to the right home.

‘Sven’ Field Bred English Cocker Puppy for Sale ”Sold”

DOB: 03/06/14
Sire: FC Gimme Shelter Khaya
(FC/AFC/CFC/CAFC Warrener’s Black Scoter X FC/CFC Phantomwoods Twigg)
Dam: Verstone Rowenna(UK)
(Jamjack Midnight Rackatear at Verstone X Contrail Gemma at Verstone)

Sven is a rambunctious little devil with a great attitude.  He’s a great retriever and has a connection which makes him fun.  He’s has some crate training, lots of retrieving, field runs with his litter mates, whistle recognition, and some treat-based place training.

The owner of the sire was considering keeping him, but has decided that a roof over his head is more important than bringing a third pup to the home, or he would have been one of the first to go from the litter. This is a repeat breeding of November 2012, of which one of the pups is already running, finishing, and placing in all-age field trials.  The pups are quick learners with a desire to please(as per the breed!!!!).  Sven is no exception.

Super Puppy price: $1850.00 ”Sold” Contact Us For more info.

‘Eddie’ Field-bred English Cocker Spaniel puppy for Sale ”Sold”

DOB 02/01/14 available now.  ”Sold”

Field bred english cocker Spaniel for sale


Sire:  FC Oahe Diamond in the Ruff Ruff
(Scoter’s Lil black Rudy x FC/CFC Phantomwoods Twigg)

Dam: Absolute’s Cookies and Cream
(Lil Prairie Shyster x FC Oahe Sweet Dilemma)

Sire is a fantastic hunting dog used in our guiding program, is an exceptional pet, and has been one of the top placing dogs in U.S. high point, twice.  Spencer is extremely athletic and has always been an efficient bird finder.
The dam is a quiet house pet and great hunting dog out of  FC Oahe Sweet Dilemma, Emma.  Emma was 2010 North American high point Cocker, and placed second in the 2011 National.  She’s always been my favorite pet, and is hands down, my best hunting dog.Absolute Gun Dog training for Spaniels

Eddie will be agreat pet and hunting dog with field trial potential.  We’ve been working Eddie on treat-based place board training, some introductory obedience, lots of retrieving, crate training, and has been successfully introduced to the gun.  This is a great dog with a great personality.  We’ve given him a great start to life,  and he’d  love to spend the next 13-15 years with you!!  Eddie is ready for placement now, and though he won’t be a mature hunting dog, he’ll be ready for his rookie hunting season this fall.

Price: $2250.00 ”Sold” Contact Us for more info.

Finished-English Springer Spaniel for sale ”Sold”

Pine Shadows CS Montana ‘Tanna’ ‘Sold’
(NFC FC AFC Brae’s Good Sport X AFC Denalisunflo’s Coffey II)
DOB: 10/09/07

Here is an opportunity to own a finished English Springer Spaniel that is also a great house pet.  Tanna is a beautiful and driven, and has numerous field trial placements.  She has a nice mouth, great nose, a bold flush, and has remarkable endurance.  Tanna will be a great addition to a family, both in the house and afield.  She’s fully trained and will make you the envy of your hunting buddies.
Tanna has had one litter of pups and will not be sold as a breeding bitch.  Tanna will be sold as a family pet and hunting dog.

Price $2000 or best home “Sold”

For more info. Contact Us:

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